Tulsa's Family

Featured here is a family within the SAHC family.  Tulsa (center) has two sons—Binay (left)  and Bijaya (right).  Binay is married to Labuti (second from left) and Bijaya is married to Akriti (second from right).  This family has deep roots with SAHC, and they all constantly go above and beyond what is expected.


Ann was introduced to Tulsa by a very good friend.  After meeting Tulsa, Ann knew right away that she wanted her to join the SAHC team.  After working with SAHC for a bit, Tulsa told Ann about her daughter in law, Akriti.  Ann was concerned because of Akriti’s young age—she was in her early twenties!  It took Tulsa nearly a year to finally convince Ann to consider using Akriti. 


Ann recalls the first time she met Akriti.  She was going to visit a client in the ICU at Boulder Community Hospital, and Akriti was already there, giving care.  Ann walked into the room and was “awestruck” with Akriti’s level of competency.  Akriti knew exactly what the client needed, even before the client needed it.  Ann couldn’t believe how skilled and fantastic Akriti was. 


At that moment, Ann knew she could count on anybody in Tulsa’s family, and the rest is history.  Every member of this family has constantly shown that they are fantastic caregivers, and SAHC is ecstatic that we can call this family our own.

Tulsa's Family





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