Sukru, CNA


Born in Turkey, Sukru grew up in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Antalya.  After high school, he moved to Ankara for his higher education and worked 12 years as a sociologist for the Turkish government.  He’s lived in Boulder for 15 years and obtained his CNA in 2000.  Although he’s only been with Safe at Home Care for about four months, his service has been extraordinary!


It was Sukru’s experience with his grandmother that inspired him to become a caregiver.  He really loved her company and her endless passion for life.  She taught Sukru that we all have good and bad days in our life, but that shouldn’t stop us from extending our hands to help someone else.

Sukru learned English after about a year of living in this country.  He started as a delivery driver for a local restaurant and, one day, one of his customers explained that he worked as a CNA.  The next day, which Sukru even remembers to be a Monday, he filled out an application for one of the skilled nursing facilities in Boulder.  He started on Wednesday of that week and obtained his CNA three months after he began working in this facility.


Sukru believes that passion is one of the most important human qualities and is integral to growing in everything we do.  He understands that caregiving is a unique profession that requires this passion.  Sukru is convinced that it is our life experience which gives us this passion, and he affirms that he is still growing and learning.  He loves being in this field. 


One of Sukru’s favorite memories is of one of his old clients who couldn’t pronounce his name.  “I do not want to be rude, but I can’t pronounce your name properly.  From now on I will call you Roger.”  This memory sticks with Sukru, and to this day, when he finds a person who has trouble pronouncing his name, he says, “You can call me Roger!”


Outside of work, Sukru loves to read, bike, hike, and swim.  He also loves spending time with his ten year old daughter.  He just completed his Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from the University of Illinois.  Sukru is a busy guy, but we’re glad he’s on the SAHC team!


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