Kathleen, Registered Nurse


Kathleen was born in Washington, DC at Georgetown University Hospital where her first child, Amy, was also born in 1972.  It was in that same year that Kathleen graduated from Georgetown with a BSN.  Kathleen lived in the Maryland suburbs until 1967, and has lived in the Boulder area for five years.


Kathleen has been with Safe at Home Care since November, 2011.  As an RN, Kathleen knew that if she left full-time nursing, she still wanted to do caregiving.  She always enjoyed the caregiving aspect of her calling the most.


One of Kathleen's favorite experiences is working with her "sweet client," Rose.  Kathleen enjoys how glad Rose is that she is there and that she's coming back the next day.  Knowing that she helps make the difference in Rose holding on to her independence a little longer gives Kathleen immense happiness.


Outside of caregiving, Kathleen loves the outdoors--hiking, gardening, and playing in the snow with her grandkids.  She also enjoys family time and the wonderful community in which she lives.

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