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How long have you been providing care in this community?

Safe at Home Care has provided care for the greater Boulder area for nearly 20 years.  We’ve developed a unique business model that focuses on quality of care and service.  We believe in the necessity of positive personal relationships for the well being of our clients.  We strive to develop a personal relationship with our clients so that we may best meet their individual needs.  We learn what is important to them, their medical issues, how these affect their quality of life, and what we can do to help make life better.  We then handpick a team of committed caregivers to assist them. We like to develop a close relationship with family members so that they are part of the care plan and know their loved one is being cared for in the way they hope.


What is different about Safe at Home Care?  

Personhood, the bond between caregiver and client, is the cornerstone of Safe at Home Care.  We personally assign a team of caregivers to each client based on the skills needed, but also based on the best personality match for both the client and the caregiver.  Our goal is for each client to have a special relationship with their caregiver so that they look forward to their visitors. Additionally, caregivers are treated well and honored for the work they do.  In turn, they perform their service to clients with dignity and honor.  Our independent contractors are some of the highest paid caregivers in Boulder County, though our rates are some of the lowest available. 


How does the agency screen and monitor its staff?

We do not advertise for caregiving positions; all caregivers are all referred to us by other caregivers or individuals in the community who have seen them working with clients.  We screen all of our contractors by first asking for a resume and cover letter. We then conduct an extensive personal interview.  After which, we contact references and do background checks.  We also require TB tests and proof of auto insurance.  


What does the agency do when a staff person is unable to come for their shift? 

If a caregiver is not able to come for a shift, we first try to replace them with someone who already knows the client.  If that is not possible, we find a substitute as quickly as possible.


Is there flexibility if my needs change?

Yes!  The elder population is always changing.  We are available to add or decrease shifts depending on your needs at any moment.  Sometimes the needs are immediate and unexpected and we are able to provide staff within a brief amount of time.  


Is a free initial assessment made prior to starting the services?

As needed, we will personally meet with any client, new or existing, free of charge.  We have skilled staff available to do home, needs, and safety assessments.


How does the agency handle billing?

We charge the same rate for CNAs and personal care providers, unless the client requires specific credentials.  Invoices are sent biweekly for care provided.


What are your hours?

The Safe at Home Care office is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Additionally, we always have a person on call, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  If there is a scheduling emergency or you need support, we are always available.


Can I have a short shift with a caregiver?

Yes!  We have a two-hour minimum shift length.

Stay safe in your home.  Safe at Home Care

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Safe at Home Care offers services including:  household help, medical care, personal care, and recreation.

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